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The Crochet Island of Dr. Moreau

August 29, 2016 by Kelli

What makes Bitter o’Clock hats different from all other crochet hats? Well, hopefully, you won’t find any of my styles anywhere else. Many times, an idea for a hat will pop into my head. However, before I pick up the crochet hook to bring this idea into fruition, I search online to see if anyone else has already made that hat. If they have, I will usually discard the idea altogether. (The exception is if I feel like my idea is executed differently or if, snootily enough, I feel I can improve on the design.) If it’s been done a bajillion times (e.g. the beard hat and its many variations), I will only do it if a customer specifically requests it. If I can’t find it online, then I start working on it.

This philosophy has led to several one-of-a-kind designs, such as the Skrillex hat, the Willie Nelson hat, the Oscar Oasis hat, the Comb-Over hat, the Pickles hat, the Anteater hat, and the Ant hat (because how can you make an anteater hat, without an ant hat for it to eat?). Some hats’ styles have since been adopted by other crocheters, so they’re no longer one-of-a-kind, but they’re still pretty cool. I don’t say all this to brag–well, just a little–but to explain the process. For every hat listed on my website, there are another few hats that haven’t been finished or were scrapped early on.

So that’s what this post is for: to show some of these works-in-progress, even if they’re not quite finished. Kind of like a preview, assuming they will one day be ready to list.

The Reversible Hat:

This is the newest experiment: a hat featuring two different characters. While the front may be the Minnie hat…


The back is the Mickey hat:


Okay, you got me, there isn’t a big difference between the two. Not a very risky experiment. However, the next hat proved to be trickier:




That’s Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. It was tricky to design each half so it was not visible from the other side (such as Sally having long hair would have been seen from the Jack side of the hat). I’m not totally sold on the design of Sally, but I’m loving the concept of the reversible hat.

The Interactive Hat:

There are plenty of hats with little cars on them. But there aren’t any hats on which the car can drive. So I had to try this out. After much trial-and-error, I figured out a method that allows movement of the car, which follows a “track”. I admit, though, it’s still in the early phases, for sure.

This was the first prototype, created in 2013:

IMG_20130709_130606_zpsc4b4ad88 IMG_20130709_130621_zps776fa160

This was followed up by a space version, still a work-in-progress:


The track is set up on this hat to fly from the planet (that blue tumor-looking thing at the right side), up and around the hat, as if traveling through space. I’ll be adding stars and comets all around the hat.


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