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Gift-giving season has arrived with a bang

November 28, 2012 by Kelli

But a good bang. Not one of those bad bangs.

Every once in a while, I like to do a “Where in the World is Bitter o’Clock” post, to update you all about what has been going on.

Gift Guides:

If you’re looking for gift ideas, there are millions upon jillions of gift guides to help you spend your dough. Here are a couple good ones (and not just good because they feature me).

  • Denver Craft Ninjas –  These folks are pretty much the craftiest, ninjaest people in Denver. Each year, they put out a list of great businesses (usually based in Denver). Check out this year’s picks, many of whom (if not all) will also appear at the Colorado Creative event coming up. (See below for details.) While you’re there, why not pick up some Ninja merchandise, like a tote bag for your favorite crocheter. (Wink, wink!)

Crafty Holiday Gift Guide 2012

  • Yellow Scene Magazine – This is a neat, online magazine that has compiled an awe-inspiring list of gifts for people of all ages, genders, and interests. My personal favorite (which is filed under “Didn’t know it exists, but now really, really want it”) is the toe-less yoga socks with non-slipping bottoms. Oh, and well, my clownfish hat is listed on there too:

Yellow Scene’s 2012 Gift & Giving Guide


Retail Stores:

I have been working like a fiend to replenish the hats at a few local boutiques. If you’re looking for a wide range of flapper hats (many of which are not available online), check out I Heart Denver in the Pavilions downtown. They also have several kids’ hats, including the hitherto unreleased monkey hat (coming soon to my Etsy shop):


If you’re looking for a wider variety of kids’ hats or maybe some neckwarmers, check out Rakun on Santa Fe. This shop has a lot of my funkier, more varied products like hats with felt, pinwheel headbands, or kids’ animal hats.

Also, psst…a third store will soon be carrying Bitter o’Clock hats. I’ll be announcing that soon, once the hats are actually in the store.


Craft Fairs:

Or rather, I should say “Craft Fair” because I’m only doing one this year. I have to say, I hate craft fairs. I really do. I don’t like going to them as a customer, because it’s so crowded and I don’t like making chit-chat with every vendor I pass by. As a vendor, I don’t like them because it’s never crowded enough and I don’t like making chit-chat with every customer that passes by. Go figure.

However, I take one exception to this. Becky Hensley of the aforementioned Denver Craft Ninjas puts on amazing events. Ah-may-zing. You may remember Craftin’ Carnival last year: a carnival-themed craft fair featuring fantastic artisans, a chill atmosphere, the best customers, and free cotton candy.

She’s doing it again this year with Colorado Creative.

This time, the event will take place at The Parkside Mansion on York Street (schmancy!) on December 9th from 2-7 p.m. It will feature more fantastic artisans, more awesome customers, an even chiller atmosphere (if that’s possible), and mulled wine. That Becky knows how to get to the heart of people.

Moreover, I will be setting aside space at my booth for Hermits of Afton products.

No entry fee and for every can of food you bring (which will go to Metro Caring), you get a raffle ticket.

Come visit my booth for a little gift!

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