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Flapper Hats and Tasmanian Devils

August 19, 2012 by Kelli

I made a custom hat last month, which has since made its way to Australia. And not just anywhere in Australia: Tasmania.

Let me tell you something about me as a kid. I read encyclopedias like crazy. Not cover to cover. I mean, I wasn’t crazy.** But I would pick out a book, rifle through it until I found a topic that interested me, and I would read the whole entry. Then I would I would investigate the topic further by looking up a related entry. It was by doing this that I learned of Tasmanian devils and wolves.

I learned about how damn scary those suckers were (the devils, that is…the wolves were long since extinct, and therefore, posed no threat to me). I read that in order to escape a devil when it was chasing you, you had to climb a tree. I spent nights wondering if I would be able to climb a tree fast enough. Never mind that I was half a planet away from one, but I was still scared of them. Well, scared and intrigued. I imagined what the island of Tasmania must be like and I dreamed of visiting it one day.

Now, within a few short years of learning about Tasmanian devils, this guy would become insanely popular.

And as a kid, this incensed me. I mean, how inaccurate can you get?! Tasmanian devils don’t walk on their hind feet. They don’t spout gibberish and they certainly don’t turn into miniature tornadoes. They look nothing like that cartoon. In fact, they look more like Rodents of Unusual Sizes:

Or my cat.

Very few things would irritate me as a kid like seeing something I loved being turned into an asinine cartoon character. Well, come to think of it, that may be the only time that actually happened.

So, with that said, let’s move along.

I really love how the customer designed this feminine flapper hat–soft pink with a cream and bronze brooch:

This morning, she made my day by emailing this, “I received my beautiful crochet flapper beanie the other day and I LOVE it!!! I have had so many lovely compliments about it.”

So while I haven’t yet made it to Tasmania, I’m excited that one of my hats has. And that it is undoubtedly keeping its owner safe from Tasmanian devils.

**No offense to anyone who does read encyclopedias from cover to cover. Or anyone who actually is crazy.

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