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Crocheting Hippo-Hatamus

February 17, 2010 by Kelli

You want to know how I get my creative juices a-flowing? No, don’t worry, it’s nothing that will make you feel weird later for knowing. My thought process goes something like this: “I have a craft fair tomorrow. I’ve been selling a lot of frog hats lately. I should make another animal hat for tomorrow. What is another kind of ugly animal that you don’t often see as a hat? Ooh, a hippo, and I even have a bunch of purple yarn!”

That’s all.

I started by making just a basic beanie, then added the details. For the snout, I crocheted a large, triangular piece, then stuffed and whip-stitched it on. To give the appearance of separate “cheeks,” I simply cinched the middle of the bottom row. Then some triangular ears, a couple nostril flaps. When I got to the eyes, I looked at many photos of real hippos, to get an idea of how I would design them. What I noticed is that hippos have fairly ugly eyes, simultaneously saggy and bulgy. 

True to life, I made the eyes dark, bulging in their saggy sockets. Keene said, “I think it would be more relatable if you added some white to the eyes.” I said, “But you don’t really see the whites on real hippos.” He said, “But it would be more relatable.” I said, “Who relates to a hippo anyways?” I kept it ugly, its eyes dead and full of despair.

(Ignore the line running down the side of the snout. It was a failed experiment which was later axed.)

Unfortunately, in addition to being an ugly, unrelatable animal, the hat is also hugely un-photogenic. No matter how many times I tried, no matter the angle, lighting, or model, the hat just looked weird and shapeless.

But on the bright side, this hat could totally chomp you in half.

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