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Crochet Skrillex Hat / “Make It Bun Dem” by Skrillex and Damian Marley

February 22, 2013 by Kelli

First, a confession: I’m not a fan of Skrillex. I don’t care about dubstep or even techno. Is even called techno still or am I dating myself? Atmosphere? Hold on while I check Wikipedia. “Post-hardcore/electro house?” Okay, sure.

Truth be told, I get impatient about music without words. I find I need some frame of reference. The music alone isn’t enough. “Are we in the chorus yet? Is this the second, third verse? Okay, the song must be nearly over.” And if I know the song already, I know where it is in the song. Because I’m not a musician, I don’t follow music necessarily. Sure, I can follow the melody, but not like I can follow the words.

So when you give me music without words–simply put–I get bored. What can I say? I’m a plebeian. I know this. For example, while I can appreciate the quality, beauty, and historical significance of classical music, I still get bored listening to it.

Another facet of music I dislike is chaos. If I can’t follow or predict where the music is going, I don’t like it. This is especially true after multiple listens. The first time, I’ll let it slide. The second time, I’m testing it. Beyond that, if I still can’t follow, you’re dead to me, Song.

This is a big reason why I don’t like jazz. I can’t make sense of what is going on, where the music is going next. Don’t try to argue. Believe you me, my husband has tried. I get that jazz musicians are amazing and it takes decades to do what they do. But I don’t like it.

Two things I don’t like: lack of words and chaos. Two things often found in techno/electronica: lack of words and chaos.

Oof. I did not mean to rant.

Anyhow. That’s embarrassing.

So, any Skrillex fans may be wondering, “Why the hell did you make a Skrillex hat then?” Because the guy has style, that’s why. Certainly not wind-up-in-Vogue style or earn a place on E! best dressed lists. But he has a distinctive style, has inspired a hairdo (or at least, partly inspired), and he owns it. Can you think of another musician who looks like him? If he walked into the room, would you confuse him with someone else (except maybe one of his fans)? I like that. So, music aside, I like his style.

And that’s why I made a hat in his honor. The Crocheted Skrillex Hat:




Feel like making wub, but don’t want to commit to shaving? Throw on this Skrillex hat. It’s a crocheted beanie made in a pale tan color, with long black “hair” of yarn. In the Skrillex style, the yarn is long on the right side, but “shaved” on the right (just the tan color).

To complete the look, there is a pair of crocheted glasses that hang down from thin wires. The wires button onto the hat, so you can remove the glasses.

You can buy the Skrillex hat here.

Oh! Oh! This hat has been posted on, which is a site I regularly ogle with craft-jealousy. That the site moderator said she loves it, well, I will be on Cloud 9 for a while, if you need me.



All that being said, I’m not entirely writing off Skrillex’ music. I found this collaboration with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley which I found quite enjoyable. So, hey, here’s to becoming more open-minded in my old age. Cheers!


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