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Bucket List Hats

June 9, 2011 by Kelli

I have a new line of hats. I know, I know. I have more lines than a Cubist painting (woka woka woka). But here is another line.

I’ve decided to make a hat for each of the items on my bucket list, to represent a goal. My goals, others’ goals, the cat’s goals. Whatever. The point is put your goal on your head. What better way of holding yourself accountable? Every time someone says, “Why is there a guy stuck in quicksand on your hat?”, you would have to reply, “Oh, because it is a goal of mine to play in quicksand. “What are you doing to achieve this goal,” they will likely ask next.** “Umm, umm…” you will stammer if you haven’t made any progress toward achieving your goal.

**Based on all of my research, the next question is actually, “Um, why do you want to play in quicksand?”

The other reason for this line is, well, the constant flow of inspiration and challenges to be had. Think of all the things just waiting to be fashioned out of felt!

So, here is the inaugural Bucket List Hat.

#2 – Speak Spanish fluently:

#23 – Moonwalk:

#1 – Memorize five songs on the guitar:

(Okay, I cheated…that last one is actually a headband.)

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